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Here are some of the most popular books and manuals used in the coaching program
Parenting is Heart Work.  
Most kids don't respond to the typical reward/punishment models that are out there, especially if you've used that approach over a long period of time. A heart-based approach is far more effective.
.All parents want to reach the hearts of their kids, but what is the heart? This book shares the results of a study that examines the 750 times the word “heart” is used in the Bible and first asks the question, “What is the heart?” Parents find the conclusions insightful and empowering.
Then the book asks an important application question, “If that’s what the heart is, then how do we parent differently?” As parents read this book, they gain greater understanding into the heart and life of their own child, resulting in significant action steps that encourage change.
Eight live sessions taken from this book are also available as an MP3 download here.

Parenting is Heart Work Training Manual
The routines you have in family life are strategic for heart change If  you use them as therapy for character development. This one manual will guide you through an important process to develop the therapy routines in your home in common areas.
The heart contains tendencies. Some kids have a tendency to be disrespectful, react in anger, or are mean to a sibling. This resource breaks it down and helps you change tendencies in your child. The Instruction Routine, for example, teaches kids cooperation, responsiveness to authority, and responsibility. It's not just about changing the way you give instructions. It's about practicing the Instruction Routine over and over every day to build patterns of thinking and acting.
Three chapters on correction help parents reach the hearts of their kids using a Break, a Positive Conclusion, and 7 Categories of Consequences. Attitudes, and Accepting No as an Answer each take a chapter.  By practicing these techniques, heart issues in kids are addressed one step at at time.  The book comes with eight 45-minute audio sessions that complement the chapters.

Motivate Your Child: A Christian Parent's Guide to Raising Kids Who Do What They Need to Do Without Being Told
One of the keys to internal motivation is to help kids develop a strong conscience. This isn't just about moral things. It's about being responsible. The four promptings of the conscience often need support and guidance by parents. They are Do What’s Right, Deal With Wrongs, Be Honest, and Care About Others.
We take you step by step through each area of the conscience to understand it and parent in a way that helps strengthen this internal guidance system designed by God. Spiritual development is also addressed in ways that help kids maximize their spiritual growth.  You will have a greater understanding of your child's challenges and specific tools for casting a vision for change.