Parent Coaching and Mentoring

Parent Coaching and Mentoring

Heart to heart parenting will enable your children to make good choices a way of life

Daughter sitting upset with her mother in living room at home

Every child is unique and different. That’s why the recipe for change must be individualized. Furthermore, all parents have their own skills and personalities that require sensitivity when applying truths in practical ways.
But every child has a heart, a place where tendencies produce reactions both good and bad. This eight week intensive program works for several reasons:

  • It’s biblical, practical, and focuses on the heart.
  • The home provides relevant opportunities for significant practice.
  • The wisdom of a coach gives parents new insight.

Over the eight weeks momentum moves children from compliance to cooperation and then to contribution. It addresses emotions, internal struggles, and acknowledges a child’s strengths while correcting challenges.  To learn more about the coaching program, download this free brochure.

While it is not a replacement for medications, and you should always check with your physician before changing or adjusting any medications, a heart-based approach works very well with children who have challenges such as ADHD, ODD, or other biological issues. It has also helped some children who have experienced significant traumas in life resulting in PTSD, RAD, or self-defeating patterns.

Because the program targets the heart, it addresses self-concept, identity, and other internal root causes. Jesus taught us to look deeper, past actions, to a person’s heart.


This program isn’t a magic formula. It takes work. It focuses on where a child needs to grow and uses both corrective and training techniques. It’s amazing how fast children change when parents work where God works: in the central processing unit of a person, the heart.  Parents are often overwhelmed with life and do not even know where to start in knowing what to and how to meet the needs in their child.  

A good tool for this is the Child Behavior Inventory.  Investing 20 minutes to take this free assessment of your child will help bring greater clarity and prompt them to know what to do next.

The Child Behavior Inventory (CBI) fills an important gap for parents who seek solutions by first helping them define the problems more clearly. It has the side-benefit of revealing strengths that parents can then use for affirmation and for identifying the child’s internal tools that can help address areas of weakness.  

The CBI was created as a assessment tool by Dr. Scott Turansky, Joanne Miller, RN, BSN and Esmeralda Ng, M. Clin Psych.  Any parent can use this tool to clarify a child’s strengths and areas of concern. It is completely self-contained so that you can use it on your own or with a Biblical Parenting Coach. It takes about 20 minutes to fill out, score, and plot on the graph.

If you have Excel, this file will aide in self grading. You can download it here: Child Behavior Inventory Excel.   If you do not have Excel or prefer the PDF version where you grade it by hand you can download it here: Child Behavior Inventory PDF. 

child behavior inventory

To learn more about the coaching program, download this free brochure.  To sign up for the parent coaching  you can sign up by clicking here or you can contact us directly.  To find out more about how heart based parenting works download the free eBook "Change.  Helping any Child Change at any Age." created by the National Center for Biblical Parenting. 


Weekly or Weekend coaching times are available

Weekly or bi -weekly coaching and mentoring

This is the most effective way of seeing lasting fruit and fresh water being produced in your home and marriage.  It is a commitment, but the investment you make will produce returns greater than you can imagine.
To start on the road to seeing  heart change in your family click here: Parent Coaching Program or contact us directly.

Weekend seminars and topical meetings

Sometimes your schedule does not allow for weekly meetings or maybe you just need a time of refreshment.  We will be offering multiple seminars during the year that  will all offer hope and encouragement, and will cover a variety of topics.  Check back often for upcoming seminars and weekend get togethers.