Parenting Seminars


Parenting Seminars

Children are under tremendous pressure today resulting in all kinds of personal challenges that affect their hearts and their responses to life. Anxiety, disrespect, defiance, depression, ADHD, and even things like anger episodes or arguing with Mom when she says no are indications of significant challenges.
But there is hope!    We believe that parents are the best counselors for their kids if they have a good plan.   The six week-12 lesson Thrive seminar is a heart-based plan modeled after the way that God works with us, his children, and it’s powerful!    Each lesson contains:

  • 15-minute video teaching by Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller, RN, BSN with instructions for parents and a special insight for young people.
  • A handout for taking notes while watching the video and a worksheet containing discussion questions.
  • Parents can use the STARTING STRONG page to reflect on their own parenting and to give their young people a success principle for their lives.
  • A family activity is included in each lesson to empower parents to engage their children through activity to teach a valuable heart-based principle.

There is story after story of children of all ages who have experienced major changes using a heart-based approach.

One dad called the office because his sixteen-year-old son had run away from home. They learned more about a heart-based approach and went to work. In just eight weeks the son was back home, attending school, working, and most importantly the relationship between Dad and his son had made a 180° turn. Dad is telling all his friends about biblical parenting.
Recently, in a call to our office, another dad told us that he had given up and could hardly wait for his kids to move out. I wish he would get involved in our Biblical Parenting Coaching Program, but he’s already decided his kids are the problem and he’s lost hope. It’s sad. It doesn’t have to be that way. God changes people at any age, and it starts with the heart. If you’re feeling discouraged in your parenting, consider allowing us to come along side you to bring about change.

To find out more about the THRIVE! seminar and to schedule a seminar please contact  us.

                    Keeping Your Sanity.

Parenting is Hard Work because

Parenting is Heart Work.


YES!  THIS IS NOT JUST A DREAM!  It is possible to raise children who follow instructions, cooperate, and do the right thing even when they don't feel like it, ALL WHILE KEEPING your sanity.
Many parents find themselves resorting to reward/punishment techniques to try to change their children. Unfortunately, that approach often feeds the selfishness in kids. Working on the heart is so important, but what does that look like?  In this seminar you will learn different strategies and receive new tools that are:

  1. Practical Children need to know exactly what you expect of them. They need practical ideas for handling temptation, dealing with their emotions, and obeying. Parents are the primary source for teaching children how to handle life.
  2. Focus on the Heart It is much easier to focus on behavior than it is to change the heart, but the heart is the source of lasting growth. You can't force a change of heart, but you can influence children to make heart level adjustments. Ultimately, God the Father is the one who changes hearts. In this seminar you will learn strategies and ways to influence the heart so God can do what only He can do.
  3. Biblical God has given to us the scriptures and these are filled with wisdom that applies to family life. The Bible talks about handling injustice, overcoming selfishness, appealing to authority when you disagree, obeying when you don't feel like it, and the consequences of foolishness. In this seminar you will see how God's word has strategies and answers for the issues that families face.
  4. Adult Solutions to Children's Problems One of the major roles of parents is to train their children for the future. The things your kids learn now about obedience, honor, sacrifice, working hard, and handling anger will carry them into adulthood. Many of the problems children face are similar to those that adults are challenged with. This seminar shows how to break down adult solutions to a child's developmental stage, helping children to grow into adult solutions instead of remaining in childish solutions after becoming an adult.For more information on this seminar and to schedule one please contact us.

Weekly or Weekend coaching times are available.

Weekly or bi -weekly coaching and mentoring

This is the most effective way of seeing lasting fruit and fresh water being produced in your home and marriage.  It is a commitment, but the investment you make will produce returns greater than you can imagine.
To start on the road to seeing  heart change in your family click here: Parent Coaching Program or contact us directly.

Weekend seminars and topical meetings

Sometimes your schedule does not allow for weekly meetings or maybe you just need a time of refreshment.  We will be offering multiple seminars during the year that  will all offer hope and encouragement, and will cover a variety of topics.  Check back often for upcoming seminars and weekend get togethers.