July 7th, 2020


Corona Virus, BLM, CRT, schools open or virtual learning, supply shortages, possible job loss, illness, mortality.   Seems like today that is all we hear, and no matter where we go, it shows up out of everywhere. The question on most everyone’s mind is “What are we going to do?”.  

 In addition to the good everyday practices of cleanliness we all need to do, authorities tell us to practice social distancing and to shelter at home until the virus storm passes by.  The Bible tells us to honor those in authority over us (Romans 13:1-3),  and without a doubt these things are good to do, however they only deal with protecting the external side of our lives.  But the question is what are you doing to protect the internal side of your life?  

One of the many aspects of fear is that it affects not only the individual who is afraid, but it affects all those around them.  This becomes very evident as a lot of us have witnessed this through the many fights and brawls we have seen or heard about, taking place over things of little value.   I don’t remember seeing this before, but this morning when I went to the grocery store there was a security guard watching people as they came into the store.  The simple presence of someone who has some authority, often helps to bring calm to a situation.

What authority is bringing peace and calmness to your home and situation?  Is it a security guard in a grocery store, or is it like the cartoon I saw where a man had built an igloo out of TP, and was looking out from it through a small hole, or is it the ultimate authority of Jesus Christ and God almighty?  Whether or not you see it, your children have an uncanny ability to sense fear in you and the situation you are in.  And they are looking to you as the present and visible authority to bring peace into their lives.  

King David often talked about all his fears. The Psalms reveal many aspects of David’s heart, and to who he fled to in times of fear.  And he gives us some thoughts on how we can allow the authority of God to shine through our lives and bring peace to those who look to us.  Psalm 57 gives us an summary of what we need to do.  1. When afraid, flee to the Lord. Verses 1-2. Take refuge in him. The word refuge also means defense.  Ask Him to and let Him defend your home. He will accomplish it for you!   2. Focus on truth,  not on unknown threats. Verses 3-5.  Verse 3 promises that God will send forth His lovingkindness and truth in a world of threats and unknowns. Truth also means faithfulness. He will be faithful no matter what comes your way.  3. Worship Him in Spirit and in truth (John 4:23,24). Verses 7-11  As you genuinely worship Him, the external threats cannot destroy the internal security and peace that is yours through Jesus Christ.  Jesus promised a peace that far exceeds the worlds understanding and which can’t be explained.  Don’t settle for a peace which can be explained when you can have a peace which can’t be explained.   Until next time…